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Скачать отличную программу, которая поможет содержать систему вашего компьютера в самом оптимальном виде MPC, можно тут, внизу страницы по прямой ссылке.


Краткое описание программы MPC:
MPC (More Powerful Cleaner) is an excellent program that will help to keep Your system in optimal condition, free of debris, traces of deleted applications, registry errors, and fixing security problems.
When you first start More Powerful Cleaner scans the computer, identifying the system cache, web cache, installed plug-ins, startup program, system traces, invalid registry entries, web traces, junk files games and apps, as well as the cache of audio and video. The critical issues are highlighted in red and yellow marked recommended corrections, and green-marked items not requiring urgent intervention. Clicking on any section, You will learn a detailed list of the problems detected.
Fix all problems must be done in one click - click "Resolve" and MPC optimizes important system settings and security settings. Thus, the acceleration of the system, optimized startup programs, the computer is freed from unnecessary plug-ins that dramatically improves the performance configuration of Your hardware.
We should also talk about ensuring Internet safety, namely: a More Powerful Cleaner can protect Your browser, homepage, search engine and able to identify and block harmful web resources.
The MPC tool (More Powerful Cleaner has a simple and intuitive interface, and configuring the program does not require special compartmentalized knowledge, making it easy to use the entire functionality of the application even for inexperienced users. In General, the ease of application, high speed, small footprint and excellent results make MPC (More Powerful Cleaner) one of the best apps among the programs to clean and optimize your computer.

Файлы доступные для скачивания:
Версия: 2.1.7359.0902
Размер файла: 10,41 Mb
Имя файла: MPC_2.1.7359.0902.exe
Поддерживаться такие операционные системы: Windows XP, Windows Vista (64/32бит), Windows 7 (64/32бит), Windows 8 (64/32бит), Windows 8.1 (64/32бит), Windows 10 (64/32бит)

Ссылки для скачивания программы MPC:
Скачать прямая ссылка: MPC.rar [10,41 Mb] (cкачиваний: 11)






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