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Скачать полноценный эмулятор системы Android Genymotion, можно тут, внизу страницы сразу по прямой ссылке.

Краткое описание программы: Genymotion
Genymotion is probably the best emulator of the Android system, allowing you to run all apps for this mobile OS right on Your PC running Windows. In the directory of this platform contains many virtual devices, which You can use to test software, experiment with the settings and just to get acquainted with the stuffing of a device.

For this emulator needs VirtualBox virtual environment. By the way, for those who have not, the developers have provided the installation file directly from the shell. After a brief installation, You have the opportunity to run the Android apps by downloading them from Google Play or unpack the existing apk file.

Conveniently, the virtual device emulates all the necessary built-in tools Android as in normal (real) device: function calls and SMS, networking and Internet, battery indication, GPS-positioning, control of screen resolution, camera, etc. Testers will appreciate the ability to record screen - screenshots and videos that will help you create a description of the program or a tutorial video with the passing game.

Main features Genymotion:
•Huge list of available virtual devices.
•Set of GPS coordinates and battery level.
•The full screen mode.
•Emulation front and rear camera.
•Shared clipboard for the virtual machine and your computer
•Ability to edit the IMEI/MEID of the virtual device.
•Can reset the virtual appliance to factory settings.
•Edit the number of processors and RAM.
•Emulation of Internet via GPRS, Edge, 3G, 4G and more.
Overall, if you are looking for a good Android emulator for different purposes (testing apps, control settings, just to play Android games on desktop PCs), we recommend to pay attention to the platform Genymotion, which is moderately demanding on system resources of the computer and allows you to fully virtualize an Android device.

Файлы доступные для скачивания:
Версия: 2.5.4
Размер файла: 24,05 Mb
Поддерживаться такие операционные системы: Windows XP, Windows Vista (64/32бит), Windows 7 (64/32бит), Windows 8 (64/32бит), Windows 8.1 (64/32бит), Windows 10 (64/32бит)

Ссылки для скачивания программы Genymotion:
Скачать прямая ссылка: Genymotion.rar [24,05 Mb] (cкачиваний: 30)






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